Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, & Stump Removal in Hillsboro, Beaverton, Portland & Surrounding Areas

Peak Landscape and Tree Care Services is your full-service tree removal and pruning company in the Portland & Seattle Metropolitan areas. We remove, prune, cable, and service trees of any size and every situation.

We provide commercial landscape management and tree care services in the following areas:
Portland OR | Wilsonville OR | Clackamas OR | Gresham OR | Hillsboro OR | Beaverton OR | Tigard OR | Lake Oswego OR | Vancouver WA  and Surrounding Areas.

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Tree Removal/Pruning

Tree removal Hillsboro and tree pruning in Hillsboro, if done correctly, can greatly enhance the landscape or the tree itself. We can safely remove any tree regardless of size, location or condition. By utilizing our state of the art equipment, expert climbing skills, and extensive experience we make even the toughest jobs look easy.

​Our goal, whether it’s a small job or large, is to leave all your surrounding structures, trees and landscaping untouched as well as providing complete removal and cleanup of all debris. We are fully licensed and insured and can save you money long term as well as save you hours in the yard if you use our tree service on a regular basis. We have a commitment to provide outstanding tree service with complete customer satisfaction.

Tree Planting/Enhancement

Why are we different? Because we are licensed with the Landscape Contractors Board, not just the Construction Contractors Board, we are able to perform other landscape tasks that may be associated with your tree project including lawn repair, tree planting and installation, restoration of damaged landscape areas, irrigation repair or improvements, and design of new landscape areas.

We are committed as well to ensuring that we are responsible stewards for trees everywhere. We don’t just remove trees willy nilly, but give thought as to their replacement, type, size, and how we can protect the future of trees everywhere.

Stump Grinding/Removal

Stump grinding is the best way to remove a stump from your Northwest home or business. Many people will try to burn or use chemicals to slowly remove the stump. This doesn’t always work and your tree will eventually grow back. If you are looking for a fast and easy way to remove your tree stump, give us a call today. Our rates are very reasonable and we have the best equipment in the area to completely remove your tree stump and all its roots.

​Left alone, cut stumps can harbor pests and diseases that may threaten your property or family. Our certified arborist is an expert in tree removal in Portland & surrounding areas, and our team can safely and efficiently grind your stumps to prevent any potential hazards.

  • ​The minimum charge for our basic stump grinding services is $125
  • Our basic stump grinding services include immediate stump removal (5″ to 10″ below the ground level)
  • We charge extra for surface roots – $4 to $7 per diameter inch
  • There is an extra cost charged for additional roots or stumps exposed after an estimate is given – $4 to $7 per diameter inch
  • Excess mulch haul-away service has additional costs
  • Stumps in planter boxes that are elevated will be charged extra

Fine Ornamental Tree/Shrub Pruning

Whether there’s an old Japanese Maple, a diseased and declining hedge, or any neglected plant that needs attention in your landscape, Peak’s team of custom pruners will offer their skills to beautify and rejuvenate your plantings. Our pruners are adept and versatile in all facets of pruning. The following are all typical pruning procedures employed in ornamental landscaping by our expert staff.

  • Prompt removal of damaged or dead wood to maintain vitality.
  • Restoration of overgrown and neglected plants to appropriate size and habit.
  • “Formative” pruning of juvenile trees to promote a strong, single leader and upward growth (starting at five years and continuing every fifth year thereafter)
  • Removal of weak or crowded shoots to encourage light and air penetration to reduce insect and disease incidence and encourage flowering.
  • Removal of old flowered wood at the appropriate time to promote flowering on new growth.
  • Assist with the training of wall plants (espaliers and climbers) to maintain a horizontal growth habit.

Tree Cabling/Bracing

Tree Cabling and bracing are vital to tree growth and structural fidelity. Deficiencies in the tree crown from weak branch crotches, small levels of internal decay and small cracks can be corrected through the installation of steel cables and or steel screw rods.

Peak Tree Care Services experts will determine whether a tree with growth problems needs cabling or bracing, and whether or not the installation of hardware will make the tree safe. Selecting the proper hardware, placing it in the proper position in the tree and properly installing it takes a great deal of expertise.

If you have a large tree next to your house with a structural defect in it, consider carefully whom you can trust to make the tree safe and what the repercussions will be if the work is not done properly.

Insect/Disease/Deep Root Fertilization

We offer services to help keep those pests and insects at bay including pine beetle, bronze birch borer, aphids, scale insect, emerald ash borer, weevils, japanese beetle, sawfly, and many more.

In addition to those pesky things we also can treat trees for rust, and fire blight. Tree diseases can affect any part of the tree, or the entire tree. Named for the type of damage they cause, we have leaf spot, leaf blotch, scab and blister, defoliation, needle cast, and yellowing or chlorosis as named symptoms. Stem canker and galls, trunk and root rot are also very prominent tree disorders. Identifying these issues is the key, and early on. Our commercial clients especially love that we are able to treat fruit trees so they don’t drop their fruit on sidewalks.

Trees require nutrients to live and thrive. When one or more of these nutrients are deficient in the soil, the tree will not reach its full landscape potential, will be more susceptible to disease and insect problems, and will have a shorter life than a similar, well-fertilized tree. We can help solve any soil or fertility issue you might have.